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Wound Care

We have skilled nurses who can provide wound care services designed to improve each patient’s healing time and to promote the best healing outcome. These services are beneficial for patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, which make wound care and healing a bit more difficult. Our wound care service at Dominion Healthcare LLC is also beneficial for those who cannot take care of their wounds on their own and have wounds which require professional dressing and changing.

Our wound care services include:

  • Wound cleaning and dressing changes
  • Exercise programs that promote faster healing and improve endurance, strength, and ability to perform day-to-day tasks
  • Personal care
  • Coordination with the patient’s physician and other providers (e.g. provider of medical equipment, medical transportation, etc.)
  • Medication management and assistance
  • Food, diet, and supplement education that can promote wound healing
  • and more

Allow us to help you on your journey toward your healing and recovery. For a comprehensive assessment, Schedule an Appointment now. For other concerns, contact us at 617-533-8434.